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Mini Toy Dump Truck

3D printed tiny toy dump truckThis cute little toy truck was posted from user madscifi over at Thingiverse.

These are cleverly designed and can be printed out in one piece with moving wheels and an operating dump box.

Printing time is about 1 hour so if you’re printing it with your kids then you should probably plan something to do in case they get bored watching it print.  Maybe organise some mini rubble for it to move around in a mini construction site.

3D Printed Toy Truck made of pink plastic

And if you think that the truck is a little boring in black then remember that you can always print in a different colour.  Here’s a different version printed in pink by one of the users on Thingiverse:

This truck is about 4cm or 1.5″ wide so if you’re printing if for a younger child you might want to make it a little bigger so it’s a little easier for them to hold.   It’s important to remember that even though this is printed in one piece it’s not necessarily safe for a young child to play with unsupervised.