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Cubify at Currys

First you need a 3D Printer

There is a huge range of printers out there and you are best off not jumping in and buying the first one that looks good to you.

Screenshot of Printer List

The website 3Ders has a good list of 3D printers ranging from basic kits that require considerable skill to construct through production ready hobby grade printers and including some high end commercial printers.

It’s very worth while having a look to see the large variety out there.   Undoubtedly this range will change over the coming months and years and I think it inevitable that the commercial units made in factories will crowd out the hobbyist kits with higher specification and lower prices.  As well as other selling feature like warranties and support.

3D printing is becoming so mainstream that printers are starting to crop up in stores as well:

Cubify at CurrysThe Cube printer available at Currys 

Up Plus 2 at MaplinThe Up Plus 2 printer at Maplin 

Don’t get too hung up waiting for the new improved model.  Their will be constant gradual improvements in the print quality  and other aspects but having a printer now will almost definitely outweigh any future possible features.  Like PCs we will have to accept that it will be quite a while before we don’t feel the need to upgrade every few years.